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438 km2 of wilderness that has retained all it's original hunting and fishing potential.
Laudatory remarks abound when people set foot here.

Some even say:

" This is God's Country" ...

... Welcome to God's Country.

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Mr Donald James au lac Winnawiash

Big Game Hunting at
Club Trout Lake

Always a great experience in exclusive territory.

Very few territories have maintained their privileges.

Our management plan for big game, based on limiting the number of hunters over the years, has paid off.

Now Club Trout Lake reaps the benefits with advantageous conditions for Moose hunting such as:

1-   Earlier and longer season.
2-  Possibility to harvest bull, cow or calf moose every year.
3-  Each hunting party have exclusive territory, possibility to secure same territory on a long term agreement.

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Successful Hunting

Important herd: l88 moose inventoried by MRNF
93% success for bear hunters


Various Species of Game fish
Lake Trout
Northern Pike

Contact us

Noël Thibault
Club Trout Lake
P.O. Box 157, Belleterre P.Q., Canada
J0Z 1L0

Tel. : (819) 722-2424
www.clubtroutlake.com  info@clubtroutlake.com 


Fishing at Club Trout Lake retains it's exceptionally high quality fishing.

Very few places can claim to provide this opportunity.

Our fish stock management plan, based on limiting the fishing pressure, consistently applied over the last 40 years, has paid off in the long run. This allows us an exemption from the new rules being applied, by the new MRNF Walleye management plan for most of the province.

1-  Slot-Catch.  will not applied while
     fishing on Club Trout  Lake territory.
     We can offer catch and release  fishing at
     your discretion so long as the historic legal
     limits are  respected.


You can continue to prepare your fish for transport with the skin on, as long as the species can be identified.

For a quality fishing experience, reserve early.